Emilia Romagna 2 Pack

Emilia-Romagna is arguably the center of the Italian food universe (somewhere there's a Roman making angry hand gestures at that statement), but when it comes to wine, they are most known for Lambrusco, which we love, but there is so much more to offer from this diverse region. Here are two examples of delicious bubbles not named Lambrusco:

Malvasia Secco "Lunaris", La Collina 2019 $19 We love La Collina, which is a farmers cooperative just outside of Reggio Emilia started in the 70s to not only make delicious local wine, cheese and pasta all with ingredients grown according to biodynamics, but also to help people recover from drug addiction through living communally and working the land. This is a Pet-Nat made from Malvasia di Candia vinified dry, but still aromatic and fruit forward with exotic notes of spiced apricot and citrus zest. 

Gutturnio Frizzante "Magia", Cordani 2019 $21 A little further west, in the hills of Piacenza, the Magia family has been making traditional, delicious fizzy wines naturally for generations. Gutturnio always plays second fiddle to Lambrusco when it comes to sparkling reds mostly because of smaller output and less producers, but it is magical stuff. 60% Barbera and 40% Bonarda (aka Croatina) made in the ancestral method (Pet-Nat). Lighter than Lambrusco with candied red fruit and silky tannins with prickly light bubbles and a lipsmacking finish. Barbecue wine of the gods.

Get both Bubbles for $34 and save 15%!!


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