Meinklang 2 Pack

Prosa 2020 $18 This is a bubbly rose blend of Pinot Noir, Blaufrankisch and Zweigelt made in the Charmat method, most famously used for Prosecco. It's sort of like making a pet nat, but instead of just bottling wine that is still fermenting individually, they put it all in a big sealed tank to build up pressure and make the bubbles. Easy and delicious. Perfect day drinker for you to keep in your coffee cup for those post lunch zoom meetings.

Osterreich Weisser Mulatschak 2020 $20 We've carried Meinklang wines since the day we opened and there was always a small group of people who picked it up here and there, but when this Orange liter got released a few years ago, the demand was crazy and we haven't been able to keep it in stock regularly. This is a blend of Welschriesling, Pinot Gris and Traminer left on the skins for 5-7 days and bottled unfiltered. Friendly and easy going with hazy ripe orchard fruit and a juicy finish with just the right amount of texture from the skin contact. This is a perfect gateway bottle if you aren't really familiar with Orange wines, or if you are, then you already know you need to stock up on this one.

Get both for $32 and save more than 15%!


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