Georgia 4 Pack

Dondghlabi, Archil Guniava 2019 $25 (Imereti) 100% Dondghlabi a rare white grape from Imereti on the verge of going extinct, but Archil and his family are one of the only producers keeping it alive. Organically grown and macerated for 4 months on the skins in generations old Qvevri, where it ages on the lees for another 5 months before getting bottled unfiltered with minimal sulfur added. Lighter and brighter than the skin maceration might make you think, with soft, plush tannins and ripe orchard fruit. Delicious and unique.

Krakhuna, Merab Ediberidze 2019 $25 (Imereti) Merab Ediberidze is a garage winemaker in the village of Sviri in the Imereti wine region working with just over an acre of Krakhuna and Tsistka vines making about 2,000 bottles a year completely naturally, just like his family has for generations. This is his 100% Krakhuna made in Qvevri with 6 months of skin contact. Beautiful depth of fruit with medium tannins and nice complexity. 

Golden Blend, Iberieli 2019 $25 (Kakheti) Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane, Kisi, Khikhvi from organic vineyards in the village of Tsinandali in eastern Georgia, hand harvested and macerated whole cluster for 7 months in underground Qvevri and bottled unfiltered with no additives whatsoever. Medium plus with crushed pears, citrus and a savory herbal streak with noticeable, but well balanced tannins.

Orbeluri Ojaleshi, Vino Martville 2018 $18 (Samegrelo) Our one red offering for today that we featured a few months back in our Dozen deal. 100% Orbeluri Ojaleshi, a red grape native to western Georgia. This one is grown and produced naturally by Zaza Gagua who makes this all in steel. Medium bodied with smokey rose petals and strawberries and a little funk.

Get all 4 for $75 and save almost 20%!! You are essentially getting the red for FREE. Or include any of these in a mixed case and save 15%.


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