Fleurie = Fall

September 16, 2020

Other than aromatic Italian reds, like we covered yesterday, nothing says fall quite like Beaujolais. Today we are thrilled to share our tiny allocation of two very special expressions of Fleurie made by Yann Bertrand.
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Aromatic Reds > Pumpkin Spice

September 15, 2020

It's starting to feel like fall out there and we're thirsty for red, so we figured it was time for another round of obscure native grapes from Italy. 
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Muscadet Monday

September 14, 2020

We're just gonna say it.. Marc Olivier of Domaine de la Pepiere is the best producer in Muscadet. We don't say that lightly and we welcome any and all arguments you might want to make to the contrary. 
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Catalan Summer

September 10, 2020

To round out our past few days of Spanish Natural wine, we are ending with some chuggable favorites from Finca Parera and Mendall.
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