by Damien Graef January 08, 2021 2 min read

Hi Everyone,

Anything happen in the news this week? If you're looking for a mental vacation to a far off place like we are, please allow us to introduce you to a whole bunch of amazing Georgian wines that just hit our shelves. 

A small group of nerds and professionals have been singing the praises of these wines for decades and with the widespread popularity of orange wines in the last couple of years, it seems like it is finally time for these exotic gems to have their moment. 

A couple of fun facts:

-Georgia is considered to have the oldest known winemaking tradition in the world dating back about 8,000 years.

-Most of the wines we are featuring here are made in Qvevri, which are traditional clay pots of varying size, coated in beeswax and buried in the ground.

-Because Georgia has never been a huge global exporter of wine, industrial farming and winemaking never really took hold, so most smaller scale family farms work completely naturally and the quality to price ratio is amazing (hopefully both of these facts will remain true with the current boom).

-There are over 400 native varieties of grapes, many of which aren't seen outside of the country.

-Orange or Amber wines are definitely the entry point for most people, but we urge you to try the excellent reds as well.

Buy any two bottles and get 15% off with the coupon code GEORGIA15 at checkout.

In other news, to combat the evil scourge known as Dry January, we are offering DOUBLE REWARD POINTS all month, starting today. 10 points for every dollar spent, which gets you $10 off for every 1000 points earned. Now is a great time to stock up. Our All Red Dozen for $145 has been rotating over the past few weeks and will see an all new lineup next week, along with our Half Dozen Red or White for $75.

Happy New Year and Happy Friday!


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