Mariam & Nino Guniava 2 Pack

Mariam's Krakhuna Tsitska Tsolikouri 2019 $25 This is a blend of those 3 white grapes co-fermented and left on the skins for a few weeks resulting in a fresh Orange wine with the perfect amount of grip and notes of hazy stone fruit and citrus blossoms. This is a perfect introduction to the beautifully textured skin contact whites of Georgia.

Nino's Mgaloblishvili 2019 $25 100% Mgaloblishvili, which is a rare and obscure red grape, even by Georgian standards. On the lighter side of medium with wild blackberry, smoky sour plum and mossy forest floor notes, kind of like Cinsault went for a hike in the woods. Works nicely with a little chill, but not too cold. 

Get both for $42 and save more than 15%!


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