Mosse 2 Pack

Moussamoussettes 2020 $28 This is a Pet-Nat of Pineau D'Aunis and Grolleau with a splash of Cab Franc, hand disgorged and bottled without sulfur. Zippy red fruit with strawberry and rhubarb, nice and dry this year with soft, easy bubbles. 

Bangarang 3e Mise 2020 $24 Some of you might remember the Bangarang from late spring, but just to keep us on our toes, this is a slightly different blend. Mostly Pineau D'Aunis with a little Cab Franc. Hazy raspberry fruit with a bright lipsmacking finish. This lives in that beautiful word between rose and light red and should definitely be served with a little chill along with some kind of spicy food. 

Get both for $44 and save more than 15%!!


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