Piedmont 2 Pack

Grignolino "Ottavio", Cascina Tavijn 2019 $24 We love Nadia Verrua! Last time we featured her Barbera "Bandita" and this time we have what can maybe be considered her signature wine, at least for us. This is Grignolino from a few different plots around Scurzolengo in Monferrato, grown organically and produced naturally by Nadia and family, who are hands down the best producer of this grape. This wine is named for her father (as seen on the label) who picked some of the grapes. The grapes are destemmed, but the berries kept whole, then gently pressed (stomped by Nadia’s 10 year old daughter) and aged in concrete before getting bottled unfiltered with almost no sulfur added. Silky, juicy and bright. Put this this on the fire escape for a few minutes and serve slightly chilled.

Dolcetto di Dogliani, San Fereolo 2011 $35 Another longtime favorite from a women we consider to be producing the benchmark example of this grape. Nicoletta Boca farms naturally in Dogliani, just south of Barolo and this is her flagship wine from her oldest Dolcetto vines. This spends 3 years in large barrel, then she lets it rest for another few years until she thinks its ready. Bottled velvet with dark plum fruit, spice and complex earthy black truffle notes.


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