Portuguese 5 Pack

Maria Duck, Joao Pato aka Duckman 2020 $22 (Bairrada) 100% Maria Gomes (aka Fernao Pires) from a tiny single plot of 20 year old organic vines, hand harvested and left on the skins for 5 days before getting pressed off to steel where natural fermentation starts, then it gets bottled unfiltered with the lees. Aromatic with hazy yellow fruit and citrus and despite the murky look of it, goes down so easily thanks to the low abv (10%ish). Drink this in the sunshine.

Uivo Pet Nat "Renegado", Folias de Baco 2020 $25 (Douro) This is a big field blend of 25 different grapes, red and white, from a single 80 year old plot in Duriense, northern Portugal, farmed organically, macerated whole cluster for 4 weeks, then pressed off to steel to start fermenting naturally, then bottled unfiltered with minimal sulfur added. Tastes like a melted blood orange and raspberry popsicle with bubbles. If that doesn't sound good to you, we can't be friends.

Vinho Branco "Doralice", Bojo do Luar 2020 $22 (Minho) Look at that color! You need this orange wine in your life. 100% Loureiro from organic vineyards in Vinho Verde macerated for 8 weeks on the skins with 10% whole cluster along with chestnut flowers which help stabilize the wine, then it spends a few months in concrete and steel before getting bottled unfiltered with almost no sulfur added. Beautifully balanced and fresh with stone fruit, citrus blossom and zippy minerality.

Luar Rosa, Bojo do Luar 2020 $18 (Minho) 2 red grapes: 50% Tinta Cão, 30% Vinhão and 1 white grape: 10% Loureiro all from organic vineyards in Vinho Verde wild fermented with chestnut flowers as a natural stabilizer, then left in concrete and steel for a few months before bottling unfiltered with minimal sulfur. Expressive and fun with crushed flowers and wild berries. 

Vinho Tinto "Deu Bode", Bojo do Luar 2020 $18 (Minho) This is a field blend of about 70% red grapes and 30% white, including Vinhao, Bastardo, Espadeiro, Borracal, Arinto, Loureiro, etc. All fermented with chestnut flowers and aged in steel tank, then bottled unfiltered with just a touch of SO2. Light on it's feet and definitely in the chillable/chuggable category with fleshy, juicy red fruit and a lip-smacking finish.

Get all 5 for $85 and save almost 20%!!


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