Francois Saint-Lo 2 Pack

Quick disclaimer: These wines are not for everyone. They will definitely have a little fizz and funk, but the purity of fruit is spectacular and Francois has quickly gained a cult following of natural wine nerds that will snap these bottles up in no time. Just putting all of that out there. Here's the lineup:

Gamay "Hey Gamin!!" 2019 $36 This comes from a tiny .03 hectare parcel, hand harvested and fermented whole cluster before getting slowly pressed off by hand to large, used Austrian barrels, where the wine ferments and ages before getting bottled unfiltered with no sulfur added. This is a bright chuggable juice box with mouthwatering acidity and minerality. Keep this in the fridge, then decant it for an hour while you wait for some sort of spicy food to be delivered.

Cabernet Franc "Bois Guyon" 2016 $40 Single vineyard Cab Franc, hand harvested and fermented 100% whole cluster for 10 days before pressing off manually with a basket press over the course of 4 days (that's really slow!) into old Austrian barrels that he bought from Clos Crystal, where he worked for a couple of years with Eric Dubois. Then the juice stays in these barrels and ferments for 2 years (that's really long!). When Francois thinks it's ready, he bottles unfiltered with no sulfur added. Light on it's feet, but nice depth and complexity with medium tannins and a lipsmacking finish. Decant this for 2 hours+ and you will be handsomely rewarded.


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