Geschickt 3 Pack

Obi Wine Keno Bulle 2019 $30 *Insert clever Star Wars reference here* This is a Pet-Nat of mostly Auxerrois with a little Muscat, fermented in steel tank, then bottled before fermentation was finished with just a touch of sulfur. It's undisgorged so it's a little cloudy, but don't be scared, that just adds to the texture. Bright apple and pear with firm bubbles, bright minerality and a touch of funk. 

Edelzwicker 2019 $27 We love Edelzwicker! Sometimes a field blend, but this just a mix of a little juice from everything they make all thrown together in tank, then bottled unfiltered with just a little sulfur added. Bottled in a liter for good reason, this is fresh and crushable with bright aromatics and a juicy, mouthwatering finish. So good!

Pinot Gris "Phenix" 2019 $37 That COLOR! This is Pinot Gris from the Grand Cru Kaefferkopf vineyard left on the skins for a month and pressed off to large old barrel where it ages for the better part of a year, then it's bottled unfiltered with no sulfur added. A Thanksgiving preview in a bottle with spiced cranberry sauce, rhubarb and stone fruit with nice grip and a little savory cured meat lurking underneath. Get it while you can.


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