Casal de Ventozela 2 Pack

Pseudonimo Pet Nat 2020 $16 Our returning champion. This is an old shop favorite made from 80% Loureiro and 20% Trejadura, wild fermented and bottled before that fermentation finished and left undisgorged, which adds texture and depth to this easy, day drinker with notes of stone fruit and roasted lemon. Total crowd pleaser that always sells out too quickly.

Contatto 2020 $16 100% Avesso hand harvested and wild fermented, then left on the skins for 2 weeks, pressed off to tank to age for 3 months on the lees and bottled unfiltered with minimal sulfur added. Bright and clean with citrus zest, green apple and crushed rocks. This is a great starting point for people who might not be so familiar with Orange wines and perfect bottle to keep on hand for those who are.

Get both for $27 and save more than 15%!!


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