Tavijn 2 Pack

Ottavio 2020 $25 Named for her dad, who is pictured on the label, this is Nadia’s flagship wine made from 100% Grignolino. Grignolino is a tricky grape because it has more seeds than other varietals (7 instead of 3 or 4), so if you press the grapes too much you end up with a wine that is harsh and tannic. Here the grapes are carefully destemmed with the berries kept whole, then it slowly ferments (sometimes for 2 months!), then gets foot crushed and left in cement and steel to age on the lees until spring. This is on the lighter side of medium bodied with perfumed, lush red fruit and a silky texture on the way to lip smacking finish. This should be served with a little chill on it along with something fatty and salty. 

Vino Rosso (Barbera/Freisa) 2020 $20 Proper farmer wine made from mostly Barbera with some Freisa, another local grape that is thought to be one of the grandparents of Nebbiolo. This is made all in fiberglass tank and bottled with little or no sulfur depending on the vintage. Full bodied, but light on its feet with ripe purple and deep red fruit with a velvety finish. Rowdy and fun. Perfect for that last late night bottle you might regret in the morning. 


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