Umbria 2 Pack

Umbria Sangiovese Liter, Mani di Luna 2019 $24 One of the only areas in Umbria where Sagrantino isn't the the star, is in the hills just south of Perugia in Torgiano. Here it's all about Sangiovese and there really aren't many independent producers outside of the big name in the neighborhood, Giorgio Lungarotti. Which brings us to Mani di Luna, a project started by 3 friends in 2012 who took over a few vineyards from Lungarotti and converted them to Biodynamics. This is their house wine made from younger vines, all hand harvested, destemmed and foot crushed, then aged in cement for 8 months, before bottling unfiltered with almost no sulfur added. Fresh, natural farmer wine.

Montefalco Rosso, Milziade Antano 2016 $24 Moving south to the most famous wine region in Umbria, Montefalco. Milziade Antano officially started bottling under his own name in the mid 70s, but had been working the vines for awhile before that. His son Franco took over in the 90s and still runs the show according to his father's old school garage winemaker ethos. Their Sagrantino is delicious, but they are maybe more known for their different levels of Montefalco Rosso. This is their entry level, which is a blend of 70% Sangiovese, 15% Sagrantino and 15% Merlot from plots planted in the 60s, all farmed organically and hand harvested, then wild fermented and aged for 2 years in large old barrels before getting bottled unfiltered with minimal sulfur added. Darker fruited and heftier than the Mani di Luna and perfect for this weather.

Get both for $40 and save more than 15%!!


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