Villa Job 2 Pack

Get both for $55 and save $10!

Pinot Grigio "Guastafeste" 2016 $30 This comes from a single vineyard of younger vines fermented on the skins in open topped barrels for 2 months, then aged in a combination of concrete and barrels made from mulberry wood, then bottled unfiltered with just a touch of sulfur. This is one of those when-orange-wine-is-pink situations, so it looks like a light rosé, but drinks like a full bodied white with nice texture from the skins and notes of dried strawberry and fresh tomato, baking spice and savory wild herbs with a definite minerality on the long finish.  

Risic Blanc ED 3 NV $35Ok, this one is a little complicated to explain. 80% is a field blend of Pinot Grigio and Malvasia that sees a light maceration in concrete, then ages in barrel. Here they blended the 2015 and 2016 batches. Then the other 20% is a 4 year old Solera of Pinot Grigio, so this is a barrel of oxidated wine that they add to every year. All of that gets assembled and ages in a combination of concrete and mulberry barrels, then bottled unfiltered with just a little sulfur. This jumps out of the glass with crazy aromatics of tropical notes like mango and passion fruit and wild flowers, with a round mouthfeel balanced by bright minerality. Really unique and really delicious.


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