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Jean-Francois Ganevat


Hi Everyone,

These are some of the wines we look forward to the most, every year. 

For those who aren't familiar, Jean-Francois Ganevat (his friends call him Fan-Fan) farms about 6 hectares scattered around La Combe, a tiny hamlet in southern Jura, where his family has lived since the 14th century.

Those 6 hectares (about 15 acres) are split up into a ridiculous amount of micro plots (40ish?!) that he vinifies separately. Just the basic math of that explains half of the reason why these wines are so hard to get every year. The other half of that equation is that everything he makes is delicious and singular and wine nerds worldwide know it.

These are classic, world class wines that happen to be completely natural- no chemicals in the vineyards, hand harvested, native yeast, unfined, unfiltered and no sulfur added. The whites are dense and complex and the reds are weightless and ethereal. You can read more about Domaine Ganevat HERE

Here's what we have to offer today:

J'en Veux Encore!!! 2018 $55 This is a red made in collaboration with his sister Anne who makes wine with her husband in Beaujolais. It's a blend of Gamay from Fleurie and a field blend of 80 year old, almost extinct Jura varietals like Gueuche and Enfarine and about 5 others. The name says it all "I want more". Juicy wild berry fruit with mountain flowers and crushed rocks.

Chardonnay "Les Cedres" 2016 $65 Chardonnay from 80 year old vines planted on limestone/marl soils. Vinified naturally in demi-muids, on its lees for three years. Complex aromatic bouquet: notes of grilled hazelnut, flint stone, butter, citrus fruit and white fruit herald a palate which is both well-rounded and fresh.

We also have just a few bottles of his Chardonnay "Les Gryphees" HERE.

We're not bundling these, but if you order 2 or more bottles, use the coupon code GANEVAT to get 10% off! Or throw a bottle or two in your next mixed case to get 15% automatically.

Speaking of cult natural producers Jura, we have a handful of bottles from the always wild and expressive Alice Bouvot of Domaine l'Octavin HERE.

Tons of new arrivals hitting the shelf today and some perfect weekend wines in our mostly Italian Dozen for $145 and our Half Dozen Red or White for $75.

Have a great weekend everybody!

- B&B

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